The craziest month of my life!

I’m only just coming back down to earth after the craziest, most amazing month of my life so far!
This is going to be a long run down of everything that went on so get a cuppa and get comfy!

As I mentioned in my previous post I performed an impromptu duet with Dawid Osial when I saw him busking in Leeds last month. My friend pulled her phone out and recorded it and popped it on her Facebook and the following day it went mad! I still can’t believe the response that video has had. It’s been so amazing thank you all so, so much for commenting, sharing, liking and viewing the video. It’s now been viewed over 16 MILLION TIMES!! I still don’t think it’s sunk in how mad that is. The video was shared all over the world and I received messages form so many of you with such kind words. Thank you again!

From this people were keen to hear my own music and the result of that saw my EP ‘Forget the Night’ surge to number 1 in the UK Itunes Country Charts and number 8 in the UK Itunes album charts. I was just chilling in the charts with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars! Unbelievable! Another crazy part of this was my album ‘Secrets’ which I released in 2015 also became popular and at one point my ep was #1 on the amazon country music charts and my album was at #2 on the 2 year anniversary of its release!
It’s blown my mind I don;t think I’ll ever be able to show how thankful I am to everyone for supporting my music. My Facebook page shot from 2000 followers to over 40000 in a matter of days and currently stands at 57055!!! It’s the craziest thing but I appreciate each and everyone of you that have taken the time to find me on Facebook and show your support.

I did a live feed a few days into this crazy week following the video going viral and I still can’t believe how may of you amazing people tunes in! As it stands the live feed was viewed over 155 thousand times and shared 1, 262 times. I had such a fun night with my family and friends and people across the world all form my cousins front room! I will be doing another live feed this Friday at 8pm UK time so hopefully you can tune in!

I was invited to Pulse Radio and Look North on the 8th of May to talk about the incredible week. It was so much fun though I was so nervous before hand!

About a week after this I signed up with  Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE at ROAR Global for management! I’m so excited for what my career with ROAR Global may hold. I’ll keep you updated the entire way.

Back in February I won the YamahaHoedown competition securing myself a place at C2C at The O2 in London last March.  I’m now working alongside Yamaha and they will be loaning me some amazing gear. I went along to PMT Leeds last month and picked out a beautiful Blue A series guitar which Yamaha sent me a few weeks back. I’ve already played a gig with it and took it along with me to my recent writing trip to Liverpool. I’m officially in love with it! I’ll be performing at my shows with it so hopefully I’ll see you there over the coming months and you can see it.

Last week I found out I’d been nominated for two awards at this years UkCountry awards by!! I’m nominated for ‘UK Female country singer of the year’ and ‘Artist of the year’ . Thanks so much to every one of you who voted for me to help get me short listed! The awards are on September 2nd at Radison Blue hotel, East Midlands hotel. You can grab tickets here

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for your support and so many of you had been asking where you could see me live and if me and Dawid would ever team up again so I’ve organised a great gig June 18th at Warehouse 23 in Wakefield. Tickets are available now. Dawid will be opening the show and Gary Quinn (BCMA Male of the year) will also be performing! Doors at 2pm. I’m so excigtd I hope you can all make it-it’s gonna be a party!

As well as this amazing gig a few more gigs I’m doing over the next few months are:
June 19th-Supporting Rupert Stroud-Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
June 24th&25th-Buckle and Boots Festival
July 21st – UkCountryLive! Presents Jade Helliwell (I can’t wait for this, i’ll be headlining the show ! Hope you can make it for a sing along and a dance and a stick around for a drink after the show so I can meet you all! )

Well, that’s everything I’ve been up to. I’ve been on cloud nine for the past month! I’ll keep you updated as things develop, though I’ll keep it shorted in future!
Hope to see you at a show soon,
Thanks so much again!
Jade xxx

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